The Chocolate Chronicle

Chocolate Tempering

Chocolate Tempering

The craftsmanship of chocolate tempering.There are many great guides on how to temper chocolate - many works well on most chocolate, but curtain ch...

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First Homemade Winnower

First Homemade Winnower

A drawing of our first home-build winnower. It was build with things from the craft store and served in the old wooden attic, where Mellow was form...

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Only the Best

We work with cocoa farmers caring about ethical cocoa production. Free of slave- & child workers. Avoiding de-forestation. Growing rare cocoa varieties to maintain the biodiversity.

The smallest chocolate factory

A two-ingredient chocolate bar

A 30m cord-cable was pulled to a small wooden attic room, to power a home build winnower, a modified coffee roaster & a spice grinder. Over the course of a year a recipe for a two-ingredient chocolate bar was deloped. 70% Kokoa Kamili beans & unrefined coconut sugar.

Getting off the ground

Tiny batch chocolate making

Roasting 1.2kg cocoa beans at a time, developing a thoughtful packaging and registering a company.

Bean-to-bar chocolate in Copenhagen

Getting a chocolate workshop

Setting up a workshop for making thoughtfully sourced cocoa beans into chocolate bars.