Olive Oil, Alentejo Portugal

49 kr

A smooth chocolate bar with a surprising mouthfeel.

We source the cocoa beans for this bar from the social cooperative Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania. A blend of Picual, Koroneiki, Arbosana & Arbequina olive oil varieties from Alentejo, Portugal, are infused in to this bean-to-bar chocolate bringing out floral and fruity tasting notes.


Cocoa origin Kokoa Kamili, Mbingu Village, Tanzania, 2020 harvest.

Cocoa variety Trinitario.

Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar & olive oil.

Key procedures Olive varieties of Picual, Koroneiki, Arbosana & Arbequina grown in Alentejo, Portugal are cold-pressed into the single origin olive oil named "Olivais do Sul". At Mellow we blend the olive oil in gentle amounts into our Kokoa Kamili chocolate to create a chocolate with a whole new mouthfeel.

Hand-crafted in Copenhagen.


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