85% Kerta Semaya, West Bali

49 kr
A strong chocolate bar with tasting notes of sandalwood, wild honey, and a pleasant walnut astringency.

A criollo hybrid & local trinitario cocoa variety grown in West Bali, Indonesia. Fermented for 6 days in banana leaf covered wooden crates. Handcrafting this two-ingredient chocolate, we use only cocoa beans & cane sugar. Gently roasted and slowly conched.


Origin Kerta Semaya, Jembrana, West Bali, 2020 harvest.

Cocoa Java A criollo & trinitario. Formulation of 85% cocoa.

Ingredients Cocoa beans & cane sugar.

Key procedures 6 days fermentation in 3-tier wooden boxes, light roast & slow conche.

Hand-crafted in Copenhagen.


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