Sea Salt, Kattegat

49 kr

A generous chocolate bar with mineral-rich sea salt flakes.

We source the cocoa beans for this bar from the social cooperative Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania. Handcrafted, gently roasted and slowly conched, enhancing the natural qualities of the cocoa. Once the chocolate is tempered and in the mold we add unrefined mineral sea salt from the Kattegat Sea.


Cocoa origin Kokoa Kamili, Mbingu Village, Tanzania, 2020 harvest.

Cocoa variety Pure Trinitario.

Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar & sea salt.

Key procedures Pure sea water of the Kattegat Sea is seethed in large iron pans, and the flaky crystals are carefully dropped on the back of the freshly-tempered chocolate bar.

Hand-crafted in Copenhagen.


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